Food Conveyors

AMC offers a wide variety of food style conveyors designed to meet the needs of multiple industries including meat, food processing, bakery, dairy, cheese, dough processing, confections, and case handling. Our food conveyors are low maintenance and made of stainless steel using trusted clean fabrication techniques. They are easy to wipe down, wash, sanitize, are chemical resistant, and can be configured for easy disassembly for cleaning as necessary. Conveyor hygiene is our top priority. Every food conveyor can be designed to meet FDA, USDA, and/or 3A-Dairy standards and can be configured with a wide variety of high release plastic belts, table top chain, or fabric belts depending on the application. With multiple speed, incline, cornering, and decline options we can meet virtually any food conveying need. Contact us today to see how we can help make your process more efficient.

Multiple Lanes

Conveyors can have multiple lanes and smartly sort product


Every food conveyor is can be easily dissasembled for cleaning and sanitization


Every food conveyor is custom designed and fabricated in-house and can meet any specification requirement. Contact us today to see how we can help bring solutions to your food processing needs.