Modu-Con 4 (MOD4)

The Modu-Con 4 (MOD4) conveyor system was developed to fulfill your largest capacity needs and provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional CDLR conveyors.  The MOD4 provides a twin strand solution that can pull up to 22,000Lbs (10,000Kg) on a single drive.  Pallet sizes are available up to 48" wide.  The Modu-Con 4 is ideal for applications at loads of up to 4000Lbs (1814Kg) and speeds up to 55FPM (17MPM).  This system is ideal for moving parts such as Engines/Transmission Assemblies, Battery Modules, and other heavier parts.


Roller (MOD 4/R – Plastic/Steel)

Max Load/Drive

22,000Lbs (10,000Kg) – Dry

Max Load/Roller

22Lbs (10Kg) - Plastic
66Lbs (30Kg) - Steel

Max Length/Drive

70Ft (22M)


22 to 55FPM (7 to 17MPM)