Modu-Con 6 (Mod6)

The Modu-Con 6 (MOD6) is a twin-strand, palletized conveyor system designed with the Automotive, Appliance, and Electronics industries in mind. It is AMC’s fastest conveyor with speeds up to 200FPM thanks to a pallet that travels at 2.5x the speed of the chain. This makes it ideal for short cycle lines and transfers. The MOD6 has pallet sizes ranging from 20 to 48” wide, as well as a plastic roller chain.  It can be used in a myriad of locations from a corrosive line to the most sensitive of electronics assembly.


Effortlessly transfer products from one Mod6 to another...or any other conveyor.


Rotating capabilities allow for flexibility to work on multiple sides of a product at one station.


Get things done faster with speeds up to 200FPM.


Ability to handle static-sensitive products.

3-Year Warranty

AMC offers the industry leading 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all AMC manufactured products.


Roller (MOD6 - Plastic)

Max Load/Drive

3080Lbs (1397Kg) - Plastic

Max Load/Roller

8.4Lbs (3.8Kg) - Plastic

Max Length/Drive

60Ft (18.5M)


45 to 200FPM (11 to 60MPM)