Modu-Flex 83

Named after its 83mm wide chain, the Modu-Flex 83 (MF83) conveyor is our most versatile system yet. Its high speed is well suited for machine-to-machine environments or as a dynamic storage buffer. Easily modified, there are many modular components accepted by the Modu-Flex 83, attachable with simple hand tools. The MF83 is offered in a standard or puck-pallet configuration (as seen above), making it ideal for automotive, electronics, packaged foods, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to the Modu-Con 6, the MF83 is also capable of handling static-sensitive applications, perfect for electronics, glass, and other electrically sensitive production lines.

Our Modu-Flex 83 CAD Library is available to download here.


175mm Corners

Impossibly tight turns? Not anymore. With the MF83 you can turn on a dime and improve efficiency.


Blazing Speed

Move items from 30fpm all the way to 150fpm. Get things moving faster and increase output.


Tunnel Station

Tunnel Stations (puck) and Cleat Chains can lift & move product vertically up to 90 degree angles.


Product moves directly on the conveyor's chain
Maximum product width is 12"/300mm with guard rails
Chain can be plain, flexible, or cleated and can lift 90 degrees vertically

Puck Style

Product is moved on top of a pallet resting on two pucks which contact the conveyor chain
Product width can be much greater sitting on a pallet
Chain must be plain and requires Tunnel Stations to lift product vertically


Effortlessly transfer products from the MF83 to any other conveyor.


Have two conveyor lines that need to combine their products? No problem with the MF83.


Sort and separate different products based on timing or individual pallet.

3-Year Warranty

AMC offers the industry leading 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all AMC manufactured products. Period.


Max Total Load
250lbs (113Kg)
Max Load/RollerN/A
Max Incline90 Degrees
30 to 150ft (9-45m)
Operational Temp.-40 to 212f (-40 to 100c)
Max Length/Drive30ft (9m)
Lift & LocateYes
Tunnel StationYes