JIT Trailers & Dock Solutions

Just In Time Trailers (JIT)

Just In Time (JIT) Trailers are the fastest and safest way to transport large, time-sensitive parts in high volumes directly from the manufacturer to the client. They are an interface between the Tier 1 supplier and OEM on a Just-In-Time basis. JIT Trailers synchronize with the broadcast to carry items such as seats, instrument panels, and fascia in the correct order and sequence. Trailers can be fully automated to load and unload without the use of people. They are capable of automatically hooking up the trailer to the facility for electrical and pneumatic power, and aligning to a customer's dock with dock hooks, de-springers, and tire guides. A custom control system interface between the shipping system and the JIT trailer allows parts to load and empty in the correct order on time, every time.

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Multiple Lanes

Depending on product size, trailers can have up to 8 lanes of pallets or products.

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(Un)load Options

Ability to load and unload with different methods including robots, fork truck, or an automated conveyor system.


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