Motorized Driven Roller

Motorized Driven Rollers (MDR)

Motorized Driven Rollers (MDR) are self-powered rollers used to move items from one point to another on a conveyor. MDR conveyors are zero-pressure zoned accumulation capable and require no stops or pneumatics. Using low-voltage 24v brushless DC motors, long-term electricity savings can be seen both when rollers are running and during stoppage/accumulation, known as Run On Demand technology. MDR can accommodate a wide range of speeds and weights, operating in numerous kinds of environments and rollers are CE Certified, RoHS compliant and IP54 rated. Rollers are available in several choices, including wash-down stainless steel, PVC and UHMWPE coated, and multiple colors of Urethane sleeves.

MDR is commonly used in warehouses and packaging, boxes and totes, tires, glass, batteries, and many other applications. Controller cards can control 2 zones per card and are connected via ethernet. Each zone typically consists of one motorized roller and 5 to 12 rollers connected to the motorized roller via poly-v transmission belts. Motorized rollers have (11) different gearbox combinations, variable speeds, and a high starting torque of up to 224 in/lbs.



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