Modular Roller Conveyor

Modular Roller Conveyor (MRC)

The Modular Roller Conveyor (MRC) is a clutched roller conveyor designed to carry weights up to 2645Lbs for industries such as Automotive and Appliance. MRC can easily move objects weighing 500lbs or more including Transmission Cases, Axle Assemblies, Seats, and Engines. It’s unique cornering method significantly reduces controls integration costs by eliminating the need for lifts, transfers, corner rotates, or diverting arms. Suited for wet applications in transmission oil or petroleum spirits, the MRC uses rollers allowing for debris (such as screws, clips, & other small fasteners) to fall through the conveyor harmlessly. An available drip tray contains the fluids and diverts them to a common collection point.



Effortlessly transfer products from one conveyor to another.


Sort and separate different products based on timing or individual items.


Combine products between multiple conveyor lines.


Rotating capabilities allow for flexibility to work on multiple sides of a product at one station.


Strong enough to carry 2645Lbs (1200Kg) per drive.

3-Year Warranty

AMC offers the industry leading 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all AMC manufactured products.


Max Load/Drive

3000Lbs (1364Kg)

Max Load/Roller

220Lbs (100Kg)

Max Length/Drive

40Ft Long @ 35FPM @ 3000Lbs Benchmark

Consult Engineering for Actual


16 to 65FPM (5 to 20MPM)

Roller Lengths