Custom Solutions

AMC has been creating custom solutions for clients since our inception in 1989. We have created hundreds of solutions falling outside our standard conveyors, tables, and carts and would be happy to create one for you. Contact us to see how we can help in any situation.

HH Barnum Case Study

HH Barnum has been an electrical component supplier to AMC for over a decade. In 2015, they approached us to review their warehouse operations with a view toward automating the process of picking parts and shipping orders to customers. Over the course of several months and looking at various ideas, AMC proposed a combination of technologies using barcoded plastic totes for individual part picking conveyed to pack out benches; boxes are then packed with the picked parts and conveyed to one of four potential delivery methods.

The process is as follows: Individual associates with electronic tablets pick items for orders and put these items inside plastic totes. Totes are barcoded and the orders are married to the tote’s barcode. Based on the items in the customer’s order, the totes are automatically sent to various picking locations. The totes are then directed to the packing benches where an associate packs and weighs all the items, labels, and seals a shipping box. This box is then automatically sent to either a UPS truck, HH Barnum delivery truck, USPS truck location, or to Customer Pickup automatically on a separate conveyor system.

A collaborative & team effort between HH Barnum and AMC, the total system has provided a more than 30% increase in daily shipped orders without hiring any new employees and removing the need for previously required overtime. Such gains allowed the automation system to produce an aggressive payback.